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The Critical Method

The Four Pillars of Sustainable Living

1. Mindful Eating

Food choices and habits play a critical role in achieving a better lifestyle. Through expert guidance, we seek to ensure our clients feel more energized and stronger so they can be at their best.

How can you improve your choices?

  • Know your body’s personal hunger signals

  • Consider where food comes from vs. thinking of food as an end product.

  • Buy from local producers every time you can (Search for local markets around you)

  • Choose veggies to start your meals

2. Clean Movement

All Critical training is grounded in simple exercises. Natural, coordinated movement patterns allow for sustainable progress and establishing a stable foundation for building strength.

How to incorporate clean movements in trainings?

  • Focus on form instead of speed

  • Do what makes you more comfortable

  • Choose 6-8 simple exercises to workout and repeat (repetition is key)

  • Work every muscle group

3. 80 / 20 Rule

We train to enjoy our lives. Wellness lets us experience more, further in life, and with greater satisfaction. A healthy lifestyle cannot be maintained without relaxation and variation.

What are the 80/20 rules?

  • Eating clean most of the time

  • Prioritize nutritious meals

  • Take days off training

  • Listen to what your body wants and feel your energy levels

  • Have a burger or something else from time to time

  • French fries are not meant to be skipped

  • Have a drink with your friends and talk about life

4. Nature Connects

Nature has been shown to have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Getting outside and being active in nature can reduce stress, increase energy, improve focus, and greater overall well-being.

  • Go for a walk every week

  • Find your sacred place inside the city or outside (and visit from time to time)

  • Take off your headphones and listen

  • Bring a book and seat on the grass or sand

It was about time to share what our pillars for a more sustainable life are.

These are just simple but small representations of what they mean to us. We hope you can reflect on these and bring some of these goals to your life.

Have a wonderful week,


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