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The best way to start your day!

We always heard that the most important meal is breakfast, but we never really understood why. Breakfast dictates our day's energy and sugar levels for the next 24 hours! When we are fasting, our body is more sensitive to blood sugar (glucose).

That's true...So how can we build a good breakfast?

Step one:

Protein is going to be our main base


- Natural Greek Yogurt

- Eggs

- Protein powder

- Fish or meat

- Tofu

Step two:

Add fat


- Butter (moderate)

- Olive oil

- Avocado

- Nuts

Optional fiber

Fiber is optional but remember that it regulates our intestines!


- Spinach

- Tomatoes

- Mushrooms

- Lentils

- Any kind of vegetable!

Optional side



- Slow-fermented bread

- Rye bread

- Oat flakes

Fruit Optional

At the end of breakfast or mixed in


- Raspberries

- Blueberries

- Apple


If you want to take care of your health, have constant energy throughout the day - choose a nutritious breakfast.

Avoid sugary foods such as breakfast cereals or fruit juices; instead, eat foods rich in fiber, protein and fats, such as nuts, Greek yogurt or eggs; eat only whole fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth and, if you need to, use sweeteners such as stevia.

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