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How Can I Build Muscle?

Hint: the first rule is the most important one :)

Building and maintaining muscle mass becomes increasingly important the older we get. This is because as we age, the major muscles in our body gradually become smaller and less powerful. So we gathered the ground rules to make it happen.

First Thing's First - Don't Skip The Sessions

Resistance exercise in particular has been shown to be effective at building muscle. Resistance training puts stress on your muscles; your body responds by telling those muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Walk Around

Walking is absolutely the most underrated form of movement ever. Walking is a free and simple activity that anyone can do, and studies have shown that it helps with stress management.

Protein Is Our Best Friend...

Protein is the building block of muscle tissue, which means if you want to gain muscle mass, getting enough protein in your diet is essential. Eating more lean meat is the obvious way to increase protein consumption, but there are plenty of other protein-rich foods too: nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, and tofu, just to name a few.

And Antioxidants Is Our Closest Friend

Antioxidants help reduce the amount of free radicals in your body, which reduces inflammation and prevents oxidative stress. Be sure to eat plenty of foods high in antioxidants and especially carotenoids (like spinach, carrots, and bell peppers) and flavonoids (blackberries, kale, and citrus fruits, for example).

Soak Up Daylight

Your body needs vitamin D for maintaining bone density and absorbing calcium. But it also plays an important metabolic role in muscle health, and increased vitamin D has been linked to increases in muscle mass. The great news here is the absolute best way to increase your vitamin D intake is to get outside and enjoy the sun (using sunscreen, of course). If you work in a perennially cloudy environment, you can boost your levels with a supplement.

Book your weekly sessions in your app and get ready for the fitness adventure of a lifetime!

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