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Welcome to Critical's

Critical's holistic fitness program is for individuals seeking higher functionality, authenticity, and freedom in their lives. It celebrates social wellness in a welcoming and upbeat environment. It offers a wide variety of experiences, from meditation to strength training to animal movement and much more.

Our Services

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    Online Strength & Conditioning Classes

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    50 min

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    With our personalized plans and guidance, you can rest assured that yo...

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    1 hr

    40 euros
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    There is a purpose to the existence of a life coach and that is to ach...

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    15 min

Carlota Morais Pires, Founder & CEO of The Communication Studio

"Over the past year, I have developed a new relationship with exercise that has never been a lasting one for me. I work out at least two times a week. I feel better, physically and mentally. Through training and meditation, I maintain a better state of mind, allowing me to work more efficiently."
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